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Educational Pre-Audits
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Pre-Registro Curso Adulteración Intencional (IAVA)

Individuo Calificado IAVA FSPCA

El reglamento requiere que ciertas actividades deben ser completadas por un "individuo calificado para defensa alimentaria" que haya completado con éxito la capacitación en la realización de una evaluación de vulnerabilidad. Este curso desarrollado por la FSPCA es el "currículo estandarizado" reconocido por la FDA; completar con éxito este curso es una manera de cumplir con los requisitos como" Individuo Calificado para la Defensa de Alimentos" el cual es responsable de llevar a cabo una evaluación de vulnerabilidad

Registro Curso Adulteración Intencional (IAVA)

Individuo Calificado IAVA FSPCA

Ensenada B.C. Febrero 25, 2020

Registro Curso Adulteración Intencional (IAVA)

Individuo Calificado IAVA FSPCA

Guadalajara, Jalisco Febrero 18, 2019


Defensa De Los Alimentos

Adulteración Intencional

Febrero 18, 2020

Guadalajara, Jalisco

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Produce Safety Rule
3rd Party Audits
Current Good Manufacturing Practices
FSVP Importer Manual
Ley Inocuidad Frutas Frescas y Hortalizas
Auditorias  de Tercería
Análisis de brecha y descubrimiento
Buenas Practicas de Manufactura
Manual de FSVP can  assure that your food safety plans and programs, including your allergen, sanitation and food recall plans, are compliant with all federal, state and local rules and regulations. We also work with clients to assure that they are compliant with the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP).

Our team can perform pre-audits and mock audits for GFSI, BRC, SQF, ISO 9001, Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO, and Fair Trade Certifications and provide day-of-audit support to assure your certification audits run smoothly. Our team can travel  onsite to audit your suppliers' food safety programs.


IMPORTER AgroFoodSafety.Com can assist with the following;

  1. Determine which of your products will be covered by FSVP

  2. Develop an adequate FSVP Importer program, which can serve to verify their foreign suppliers’ compliance with applicable FSMA food safety requirements

  3. Adequately document the verification processes, as required by FSVP

  4. Comply with FSVP’s record-keeping requirements


We can help Foreign Suppliers:

  1. Review and reinforce current food safety programs- Produce Safety Rule  or Preventive Controls

  2. Adequately review current farm risk assessments based

  3. Comply with applicable food safety record-keeping requirements

  4. Perform applicable on-site verification activities 

Use Technologies To Manage Your Food Safety Programs 
  • Daily Registrations
  • FSMA Ready
  • Manage, Measure and Trend
  • On-line and Off-line
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